Saturday, September 1, 2012

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we're opening for Red Hot Chili Peppers - September 6 - Beirut Waterfront. I don't think I'll be able to sleep tonight...
7obb wa gharam,
Leila x 

That was a happy Leila yesterday.
A friend sent me a link a couple of hours ago, a blog post by Abir Kopty urging Mashrou' Leila to cancel opening for Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Fine, one would say, let's read her argument. 

Fine, she's a Mashrou' Leila fan, is going to Amman this September to watch their concert, and agrees that their lyrics are an honest manifestation of the world they believe in, and that they haven't and won't compromise artistically in conveying what they have to say.

Fine, she thinks co-boycotting a concert in Tel Aviv is the way to go.
but it becomes a bit Not Fine when she concludes that those who do no boycott the Red Hot Chili Peppers concert in Tel Aviv must be boycotted themselves. NOT FINE!

Abir, what are you? It's easier when one decides. It can be temporary, but what are you?
What do you care about, and what do you want? 

Do you want social values that auto-punish anyone that harms someone else for what they believe in? 
You just boycotted that. Not fine.

Do you want a free state, where Lebanese and Palestinians can have coffee together?
You just boycotted that. Not fine.

Are you interested in a new generation that's keen enough, eloquent enough, to get their message across, which is probably quite similar to your message, a new honest generation that'll change this slum of a phase of Arabia?
You just boycotted that. Not fine.
Arabs have been potty-trained for communal misery, Abir. Boycotting a pop band from performing in Tel Aviv could be a hobby, but your day job must not be that. I'm afraid I'm falling into the same trap you're in, telling you what to do, but I'll just redeem myself by scrapping the request for people to boycott you because you don't fight your battles like they do..

Abir, this is a new place, and if we use our grandfathers' weapons, and our forefathers' games, this Arab sheep-lingo is gonna think it's the alphabet.

Enjoy Amman, I won't be there this time.. but the last time Mashrou' Leila were at the citadel, it was the closest to an Arab Unity scheme since Abdel Nasser. 
Don't boycott that. It won't be fine.

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