Tuesday, July 3, 2012

DJ Bussy Zalezil is back!

There was this time (in the 90s) when only a subterranean cairo elite would have had the luxury to bounce to dj bussy zalezil's remixes somewhere as kitschly romantic as the cum-drenched shores of the nile, or between the pyramids, or the odeon rooftop on a thursday afternoon (go figure)..

She's back. Two days ago, this was posted on Mashrou3 Leila's bandpage on facebook;

There's another remix up there, check that out too..

So anyways, it's been a while since Ms. Zalezil's done any public appearances, even in cairo.. busy with perfecting her brainchild project 'Marwa', a commodity not yet understood by the commoners of Arabia - anyways, I'm thrilled to share this droplet of prospective sex..
Can't wait for more,

The question remains, though:
Since Ms. Zalezil decided to come-back via Mashrou3 Leila a little less than a month before their Sabah-flicked, Feiruz-feltched Baalbeck performance.. are we up for a surprise appearance on the 15th?


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