Tuesday, May 15, 2012

oh, girls - they wanna have -

going back to the fact that death is the only truth in life - that it, alone, is the inevitable - more concrete than the presence of an almighty maker of all - our eternal search for truth is flawed.

truth shall not exist outside the perimeters of the inevitable, on a global sense
truth is not achieved via observations and tests, because as we test and experiment, we are doing so on a scale incremental to ours and solely based on a biased perspective

the tree grows, we watch and take note
it is true that a tree grows
is it true that a tree grows
as it grows into its own death
it is true that a tree dies
is it true that a tree dies
as it plunges into a state we have no access to

as we accept that we have no access to truth, all we have is an infinite array of hypotheses that cancel each other out
do we ground ourselves in our questions, making every other one an answer based on partial outcomes
do we believe in a plan b that pretends it's a plan a, the uncreated creator of everything?

do we go elsewhere, and as we do so - what is elsewhere?

elsewhere as an omnipresent satisfaction, not happiness or its antagonist, comfort and its flipside
i gladly accept my lack of trajectory
my ignorance of where to go and what to know

going elsewhere, i would choose your lower lip as a good way to start
as you would argue, slowly, what 'good' might or might not mean

elsewhere, that wouldn't matter, and as we do so - what is elsewhere?

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