Wednesday, May 23, 2012

i pay in flesh, so

sell me some kind of lie. something you know i'll buy.
entertain me as they become more responsible, more wealthy, less humble.

entertain me as we have less things in common with the world.
alienate me as they laugh at how little i know of what they know

allow me formal stanzas even if this is not a poem
even if i don't rhyme

i'll tell you everything i know, not fancier, not more concise
pacify me with manufactured reciprocals, trick by trick, as i roll over
and i'll roll with all my might
i'll roll till once, rolled up alone

when your fakes gone and lies undone
apparatus of honesty, rusty and dull

unfinished symphonies, latent choreographies of your fading shadow
rejuvenated, null

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