Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Those who believe in god deserve trophies,

but I'm just a fella that just doesn't get the gist of it all.
now, true, I am somewhat an incompetent idiot, but I have thoughts about being and nothingness every now and then..you see, I wish I was one of those chosen ones who believe in the almighty.
how cool would it have been if I would think that my brother's death is part of a bigger picture, a master plan!
how warmer would I feel inside if I knew that people that have died of AIDS, hunger and wars are actors in some scene with a grand finale!
how many standing ovations would god get for its non-defined, spectacularly lyrical literature that doesn't even pass the simple note that you can't harass me if I'm different?
"Oh, but the readers aren't competent enough!"
i would like to see you clap for that same author that made them.
then I would stand and clap some more as I hand you this trophy I promised..and this everlasting pain in the ass because I'm not going anywhere...you can go to heaven for all I care
fuck you.

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