Monday, October 24, 2011

how does one make place?

does one rely on context? does one hypothetically rip off fragments of space, re-cast re-mold re-create it as place, a more sensual rendition of its father-self? 
or does one cater to space - space as context - space as clientelle

regardless, when the said place is made - if made - how do people come to that place?  why do people come to it? how can that-place become this-place

when does place overpower culture to an extent that it becomes a producer of it?
when does place leave physical constraints of context - 

is place responsible to context?
how real is place that would precede context?
will context try to reclaim it's position over the fictive place?

how does one make place to start out with?

Sunday, October 23, 2011


Belly Dance Act from Ahmad Sabbagh on Vimeo.

i love telling stories

and making stories up, and reshuffling stories, and lying. i love lying. but i'm always sincere. it is crucial to maintain sincerity when lying. the point is never deception. deception is for the weak at heart. the fictive is for those closer to the love of their mere existence. as you show them facts, they refract spokens into things not falsifiable by rhetoric. fuck it if my preference hinders your performance. fuck it if you think my preference tampers with your wealth of resource. i love telling stories and making stories up, and reshuffling stories mostly about myself. i hate it when you call them reflections. my stories are not reflections.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

a little threat for tomorrow

ibrahim wrote this on my window, almost seven years ago. for seven years, i would look at this. i would sometimes smile, sometimes hate it - sometimes think he's nuts, it's nuts, we're nuts for believing it - sometimes. it would come and go, looking at the window - ideas, more ideas, most undone, most forgotten, but some done, some under construction and going-to-be-done, via the obsessive person that i am - tomorrow, very clearly, needs to be mine. for it's own's sake.
i'm nice.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Mr.Sehanoui | PhD. bilTaknolojya | Lebanese Internet

"fi ma7allet serveur baddo ma7allet router baddo router 7ad menno" -Mr.Sehnaoui's convincing argument to why the internet is still slow. ok. thanks.