Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Where do we go now?

i was taken to watch this film 2 days ago. the film is very very nice to say the least. i'm not in the mood to write a pompous review fluffing it up. i will just say this. do not buy it from armenia or syria for 1,000 LL or less. go to the movies and watch it. it is good. a very good film. and i liked it. i will stop typing because i can't help but do so like a 5 year old. it's a really nice film. go watch it. it's opening tomorrow (i think) in cinemas. go watch it. an interview and a trailer are at your disposal. click play and things. ok - i'll rewrite this later. in the meantime, watch it.
the film.

 the interview

 and the trailer

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