Monday, September 5, 2011


remix here was a verb, look:


I hope this message finds you inspired as always,

I will be visiting Amman in few days. 
I have so many new stories to share with you and my friends; stories about Beirut, about a wife-to-be seeking marriage for economic stability, a melancholic revolutionary giving in to his society, and the lover of an irresponsible member of the city’s bourgeoisie. 
I’ve been craving to see you for some time now. It’s been a while. I miss seeing you. 

Hana malhas will be joining me at the Citadel [jabal al Qala’a] on Saturday September 10th and Zeid and the Wings on September 11th. 

I cannot describe how excited I am to have you with me on these two nights. You can find out more details on:

On another note, Wajih decided he wants an extreme makeover. You can download the master tracks for the song from our website’s download section []. Remix it, play with it, cut it, edit it, slow it down, make it faster – do whatever you want with it - be creative – and after you’re done, I want to hear it and share it with my frinds...

My sister asked about you today. I knew she was on to us. I told her everything. She misses you too.

El hal romancy, bas mish ghalat.


This is good news. Finally. Anyways..see you in Amman. 

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