Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Where do we go now?

i was taken to watch this film 2 days ago. the film is very very nice to say the least. i'm not in the mood to write a pompous review fluffing it up. i will just say this. do not buy it from armenia or syria for 1,000 LL or less. go to the movies and watch it. it is good. a very good film. and i liked it. i will stop typing because i can't help but do so like a 5 year old. it's a really nice film. go watch it. it's opening tomorrow (i think) in cinemas. go watch it. an interview and a trailer are at your disposal. click play and things. ok - i'll rewrite this later. in the meantime, watch it.
the film.

 the interview

 and the trailer

lebanon produces first 3D sharmouta in the arab world, rejoice

Friday, September 16, 2011


every now and then they raise you
between bedwaters and rain

but when you talk they shoot you

and like god you fade
from flesh to pains
fables in brains

Thursday, September 8, 2011

[ رأ فت ] no more

Dear 'Friends'

Facebook is finally fed up with me. My [ رأ فت ] account has been disabled. This is not bad news. This is just news. I am still reachable on ThePurple Haut-Parleur 

The crappy thing is that it was fun. My albums [most of them] are lost forever. We'll see.I doubt I'll sign up for another personal account.

Above is the picture that got me disabled. It's gorgeous. Facebook doesn't even know how to suck.  Much love..



Monday, September 5, 2011


remix here was a verb, look:


I hope this message finds you inspired as always,

I will be visiting Amman in few days. 
I have so many new stories to share with you and my friends; stories about Beirut, about a wife-to-be seeking marriage for economic stability, a melancholic revolutionary giving in to his society, and the lover of an irresponsible member of the city’s bourgeoisie. 
I’ve been craving to see you for some time now. It’s been a while. I miss seeing you. 

Hana malhas will be joining me at the Citadel [jabal al Qala’a] on Saturday September 10th and Zeid and the Wings on September 11th. 

I cannot describe how excited I am to have you with me on these two nights. You can find out more details on:

On another note, Wajih decided he wants an extreme makeover. You can download the master tracks for the song from our website’s download section []. Remix it, play with it, cut it, edit it, slow it down, make it faster – do whatever you want with it - be creative – and after you’re done, I want to hear it and share it with my frinds...

My sister asked about you today. I knew she was on to us. I told her everything. She misses you too.

El hal romancy, bas mish ghalat.


This is good news. Finally. Anyways..see you in Amman.