Monday, August 1, 2011

poop is priceless, and so are 'you' - this doesn't make you any more interesting

SUBJECT: “It’s been a while since you’ve blogged anything philosophical” ..

BODY: Liquor. I need more liquor. It’s funny, everything. This is not going to be a philo. post, but it’s somewhere close. Actually it’s not. You see, I don’t know why I’m here. I don’t see where this is going. I don’t see where to ground it. I never wanted to ground it, but I’m impotent. My brain is impotent. I am stupid. My flesh is stupid. Severe lack of harmony between matter and not. Mass and not. I don’t get it. I don’t see the link between being and nothingness, and yes – I’m using the title of his book because I like how it sounds..not because it may mean anything in particular. You exist, right? You do. You stroll along existence. You look for things. You like things. Then if you think about it, you really don’t. You can like other things just as much. Then you will think about those, and dislike them. And then comes God in shining armor, the answer to it all, the unquestionable undeniable almighty head-wrapper that can’t even show you it’s face. Fuck it. I used to hate fiction. Fiction meant nothing. Nothing, now, is all-encompassing. It is everything. Vice versa. I want to live in fiction. All of you don’t exist..except sometimes in tutus. For all of you, I’ll fake personas I need. For our sake, play along.

EPILOGUE: Exists not,

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silgond said...

Hedonism is forgiving of being and nothingness... Hedonism does not need reasons to like something or dislike them... you just do it on gut level and somehow, at gut level, that's fun. Being and Nothingness is just a set of terminologies that might as well meet up and join hands in one person's mind and be at war in another's and further more be none existent such as in most persons'... and then Fake Persona you say? fair enough... Only if there's a real, there can be such a thing as fake... a real? what is that anyway? so if we're asking questions about real then fake is definitely over-rated... and so what if it is?

رأفت said...

fake can exist without the real, in comparison to other fakes pretending to be real.

i. real as an illusion versus real as a tangible construct
ii. fake as a tangible construct versus fake as a tangible construct


the-werevixen said...

Maybe there is no link between being and nothingness because they are one and the same. Maybe there is nothing to ground, and one's supposed to be stupid, impotent, muted in the face of how everything's one. Like, Zen gone wrong.
Most fiction is better than that.
Then again, maybe not.