Monday, July 18, 2011

i've been away for a [little] while

and while i was, came Google+ .. #epicfail , so i practically missed nothing.
a mini-update of what was going on..of what is going on ..and the next-ups,

my studio, +236m3 is on hypergear (somewhat) - temporary pleasures, yes - but pleasurable.
we're working on and it will be up in parts, as the studio grows some pubic hair..

ThePurple Haut-Parleur is back in the works, issue 0 or.. issue 1, whatever tickles your pickles will be out soon to be distributed for free wherever you want it. i won't deliver, no, i'll just throw piles near you (and poop like that)

..and i'm listening to #Mashrou3Leila's new E.P. now, it's so good it hurts. go buy it and make them rich so they buy me gifts and houses > it's up on iTunes and Amazon

قوم نحرق هالمدينة 

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