Monday, March 14, 2011

أنا مع السلاح

yesterdaie [march14-1] there was a demonstration.
they wanted lebanese civilians to be disarmed. they were all chaniting NO to السلاح -- and technically, that might be valid. but todaie, i had an epiphany. you see. i want a gun. and i don't want to fight israel with it. i want it to be totallyموجه إلى الداخل ..
if i come across a car on reverse in a roundabout, i want to shoot it. if someone tells me they will be back in five minutes then come back tomorrow, i want to shoot it. if my internet remains this slow, i want to find the one responsible and shoot it. when the grocery store in front of my place uses my parking space as its own, i want to shoot it. when the electrical current goes off and annihilates the 0.5MB download that has been taking forever anyways, i want to shoot it. you see, i probably want to shoot you too. i want to go 7 ايار on every it that needs one. i want to shoot everything. because this is SO not ok.


yAs! said...

ahlan habibi
mouchta2lak ana

yAs! said...

that being said
ive asked around

and if you get in contact with the right people
you can get a gun for about 50$

gotta love your country

رأفت said...

do *we* know who the right people are?

yAs! said...

*we* can ask if *we* want to

J said...

I concur. Perhaps if we purchase two firearms we'll get a discount??