Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I clicked on this expecting the videos to be as unthought of as its banner..
Exhibit A
..and I hold good news. They're not. I was particularly impressed by two entries.. the rest either useless or too boring. Click on the horrendous image to cast your vote.. I think cheating makes card games way cooler than they really are SO .. here we go, I'm cheating with the videos I want you to vote for. Ok, you can like other things - but then, you're just too bleh. I love you anyways. Whatever.

N.B. Film-making in Lebanon needs a push, ok? 
P.S. You're free to do whatever you want.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Fetish Systems \ GoogleBooks preview

click here to see it on the GoogleBooks website

The Feiruzian Aesthetic \excerpt\ OEA Magazine

"The perception and utilization of heritage in Lebanon comes with a capital H. Heritage. In its postcolonial state as an inevitable third world market with an unbalanced consumption/production relationship, Lebanon, as a dissociatedly communal identity crisis reflected heritage back to different milestones of its once-golden past and manifested it physically into a strictly aesthetic discourse with a preservationalist moral etiquette."

Thursday, February 10, 2011

had to write an arabic summary and description of Fetish systems

and i did --

يروى الكتاب على لسان راوي يحدث نفسه وعشاقه في ماضيه، حاضره ومستقبله وهو ينسج شيئاً فشيئاً سيرته الذاتية عبر قصصه وأحاديثه مازجاً حقيقته وخياله. لا يقدم الكتاب رواية لها تسلسل زمني واضح، ولا بداية، حبكة أو نهاية، بل يمهد في توزيع فقراته حالة الراوي الفكرية والعاطفية بالخطاب المباشر مع القارئ الذي بدوره تتبدل شخصيته في القصة مع تبدل الفقرات. للكتاب أيضاً منحى صوري، بحيث يتم توزيع الفقرات والكلمات على صفحاته بطريقة غير تسلسلية مصمماً على إضافة بعد حسي على المحتوى الفكري المطروح.           

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

one down, eleven to go.

january was good to me.

my book got published. buy me dinner here http://tinyurl.com/4ztjtbq - here http://tinyurl.com/66v5xez - here http://tinyurl.com/4gcokv5 - here http://tinyurl.com/4z58j2g and here http://tinyurl.com/4udpjhs ..

it'll be in Books@Cafe - Amman soon too - so yay to that too.

phase one of the office i'm designing there (amman) is done!
click here for pictures > TANASUK

the +236m3 are on the verge of being habitable and ThePurple Haut-Parleur is still chewing on its umbilical chord faster than ever .. and yesterday i had the best char-grilled cod overlooking what won't be the beirut sea front in a decade..