Thursday, October 14, 2010

i made dinner

i need to shed some of me off - and i cant lose weight except if i cook - which is super, because's super - i like feeding (be-it feeding other people, or myself ...various things)

anyways - i went to the supermarket today, and stocked on veggies.
asparagus, coriander, onions, mushrooms, cheese

1. chop the onions and throw em in a pan with the coriander . when they beg for water, add some water..
2. look at them, they look hot. when they smell hotter than your fuck buddy(ies combined), add sliced mushrooms and some more water.. cook a bit - may the bit be little 
3. grab a thing that can be put in the oven.. TEFAL would be a momma's choice - i used a lasagna thing made of pottery, because im cool
4. fill the bottom of the cool oven-able thing with a somewhat thick layer of asparagus
5. pour 1/2 the mushroom, onion, coriander mix over that layer
6. slice some kashkawan (diet kashkawan, if you're me) over that layer
7. cover the cheese layer with another thick layer of asparagus
8. pour the remaining mushonionder mix over the asparagus
9. slice more cheese over the top
10. insert in oven until the cheese browns a bit..or more than a bit


i would recommend an exclusively lettuce-based salad..olive oil, salt and lemon
sliced salted green tomatoes ..

ok, i lied. i typed OR ..but i made both..fed four..and they loved it. i loved it too. wine was missing..when you make it, have a bottle of wine..did i mean glass? no.

red. i like red wine.