Wednesday, October 6, 2010

how #feiruz can pimp her concerto @abdallahelchami (draft)

After a while of nothingness, the diva decides it's time to feed the peasants. She walks, from her post-menopausal bathroom after she lit her cigarette after wiping her ass after her throwing used tissues and bud in the toilet and flushing - because, yes feiruz shits.

With her left hand, she rubs the dimmer switch turning it on very slowly, not to hinder her shying shadows as she parks in statue, on her pedestal - both self proclaimed and accepted in frozen awe - they all clap - they all clap - they all clap, in frozen awe, for she is gifting them with her statuesque - dramatic lebanese iconography at its best, odes to selves and acceptance of the mass.

The mass wants her, her all - her curtain costume..they want her to just stand there, and open her mouth in record breaking stagnancy, they want it but #fif can tickle my pickle if she wants to - and just fuck the fuck out of everything : )

1. Sings HannaElSekran while drinking a bottle of scotch
2. Covers Mat2olshiL7ad or honors Haifa
3. Move an inch in any direction
4. Smile
5. Request everyone to simultaneously snap a picture of her BB/iP - twit and tag #feiruz
6. Sings KhallikBilBayt naked
7. Commits suicide
8. Wears jeans and a t-shirt 

to be continued .. *NO! PLEASE STOP!* ..sorry, duty calls


yAs! said...

give me more!!!!

رأفت said...

i dont think leitmo can handle more #fif posts ..but i'll try :P