Thursday, October 7, 2010

#feiruz follow-ups

AnonymousforSecurityReasons#1: :)
u always have to find ways to crack me
u must have seen fairouz
when everyeone was standing and clapping and cheering
she had her head facing the floor
not a shred of a smile :D
رأفت: can i blog that?
AnonymousforSecurityReasons#1: please do
hek hek
u started it
AnonymousforSecurityReasons#2: just came back from feiruz
was fun
رأفت: :P
AnonymousforSecurityReasons#2: yes
she actually moved
while she was singing
رأفت: oh-MA-GAAD
AnonymousforSecurityReasons#2: she did a cover of boos el wawa
رأفت: :'(
AnonymousforSecurityReasons#2: she was smiling
she was wearing a fuschia dress
رأفت: she follows leitmo?
AnonymousforSecurityReasons#2: there was electronic musi to one of her songs
everyone was dancing and partying
رأفت: : )

1 comment:

Sahar. said...

Fairuz has stage fright, that might explain the absence of a smile.