Saturday, October 9, 2010

3ala angham al samandal

is a cool title, for something amazingly dramatic - but what's gonna happen now is not so amazing, not so dramatic either .. but it's something - what's gonna happen is nothing. exactly. i just came back from a meeting,
ingredients: one engineer, one real estateman, one businessman, ..and little old me.
"mbosit bilyom, bukra an7as"
"ma tsadde2 7adan be2ellak el wade3 7a yet7assan"
"habibi, t3allam hal libnen - lezem ta3mol ma7kemtak el khassa - yelli msh 3ajbo, yetla3 barra - w yelli beddo yekol sha2fetak, fremo"

so technically, yea - that was a business meeting, on investing in some residential developments, whilst in the background (in my head) chanting to establishing my new studio thingy this month..and my book..etc, and that tonight i'll be drinking my ass off in beirut..well, etc does it, no?

not fun.
and they still expect me to want to start a family, and make bambinos, which ASLAN, i don't want..but - they're butchers..they are - what construct am i pitching into, and why is this mama-structure still expecting its offspring to invest in this poopoo-land.

so i text Matova, because i need help.. i mean - grown men talking about men who prove their manhood via jumping on banking desks and biting other men's ears is something that i find slightly unappealing

ME: so let's say we are investing bi libnen etc etc, who are we doing it for? #NEEDING #INCENTIVE etc
MATOVA: ourselves (and the very few who give a damn) :)
ME: ... still not worth it .. ghayro?
MATOVA: That's stage 1. If u get past this, then it would be everyone who thinks in lebo, and nonlebo lands

between us, i think he's a delusional freak in denial - sometimes we all are .. and i think that's why we'll all sink in, happily exhausted - sink and suffocate in our sweat, sweet sweat and dreams, of this promised land we are all busy constructing - on a nonchalant treadmill.

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