Wednesday, September 22, 2010

the tenth time i cum, it's a

< blank post >

but i can fill a cup. 

of text, obviously. it has been a while, and things have been rather greasy - a remix of stagnancy, sounding like nothing but itself, in reverse retrospect - hence claiming credit for its contemporary delirious sense of self, and i sit..i sit and i look at this cup - my cup, and i drink -

sex and violence

and you lay back, arched - back arched - slight incandescent shadows that eradicate any sense of presence under you, in this room - as you lay back - i begin to see you, through slips of lack - absences of light - and as you arch more for me, abstinence is everything i will dishonor, my pride - your pride and everything in between -

i am not done yet


S. said...

This is the most beautiful thing you have ever written

رأفت said...

thanks [for reading leitmo, mainly] hehe