Monday, September 6, 2010

Status too Long

Your status update is too long. 
The maximum status length is 420 
characters, but it is 578 characters long.

so when you say that nothing exists, you are pushing 
yourself away from everything whether it exists or not
- liability..that too - so technically in reference to things, 
you - yourself, are nothing..and by being that - you can 
do everything; but at that point everything is not a 
parameter of measure, and nothing comes to mind as 
something to do - and the illusion of the polymath 
invades your over-thinking organ in directions that 
will lead to nowhere / a destination you romanticize, 
a melancholic state, an absence of achievement - 
that will constantly keep you running...


Bidoon Sukkar بدون سكّر said...

I have to make a comment here. There has to be a comment.

رأفت said...