Thursday, September 30, 2010

Stranger: u?
You: 24 beirut
Stranger: im sorry but i don't know wat that is
You: it's an amazing type of ice cream
Stranger: ooooohhhhhh sounds yummy
You: yea, well i come from a yummy place
Stranger: where?
You: beirut
Stranger: hi asl
You: 12 f hornyland
You: you baybee?
Stranger: ok
Stranger: im not a pedophile so bye
You: assalamu alaykom
Stranger: HI
You: wats up?
Stranger: wtf?
Stranger: what does that mean
You: peace be upon you
You: up?
Stranger: in..?
You: in terrorist.
Stranger: in turkish?
Stranger: haha
You: haha. close, so u're armenian?
Stranger: nooo
You: well, turks have the terror aesthetic..and needed religion to qualify
Stranger: hi
You: hey
You: Stranger is typing...
Stranger: hey is for horses, ha m or f
You: hey is a friendly hi in some cultures.
You: m
You: ahlein.
You: hey
You: wat u up to
Stranger: Impure hearts stumble
You: true.
You: pure ones too
Stranger: In my hands they crumble
You: oh baby..
Stranger: And fragile and stripped to the core
You: more plz
You: emhm
Stranger: I can't hurt you anymore
You: *applause*
Stranger: Loved by numbers,
You: more?
Stranger: You're losing life's wonder
You: ok
Stranger: Touch like strangers detached
Stranger: I can't feel you anymore :(
You: yea. cuz im broed.
You: bored*
Stranger: wanna sex?
Stranger: where r u from
You: beirut
Stranger: where is it
You: lebanon
Stranger: where is that
You: sandwiched between israel and syria
Stranger: so u are the cream in the sandwich
You: im the sandwich.. they're sort of paper wraps

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