Friday, September 24, 2010

be a good girl/boy

...and forget that you are a girl/boy.

how to make a good spanish omlette:
make it for someone

i know that timeframe/period/.. has a share - and what have you - but the thing is, madonna's SEX book is a little needle that borderlines the entertainment industry.. ok, controversy - but with a book titled SEX, there's a shitload of drama that it decides not to encounter - and with the rocket that this thing is already riding on, the only thing related to SEX in the missed oportunity of thinking about it.

it's an interesting book. it's a coffeetable book, but who does that anymore, make some coffee and decided whether you are turned on or not -

i'll re:SEX [MADONNA] in a bit 

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sho said...

This is excellence.