Sunday, August 1, 2010

unfinished business

so, in 2004 i decided to go to the gym. i wrote a little note for big old me, and posted it on my mirror, so i would correlate. you are fat, now GYM yalla. i had a sense of humor of some sort, hence the tongue and shit, but don't judge me..or judge me..whatever suits your fancy - anyways. now it's 2010, and i have found a million excuses to.. skip the yalla to GYM.. so after six years of volume consumption fluctuations, i have decided, to act upon my fitness requirements. tomorrow morning, before heading to work, i will be the proud member of a big hall with a lot of machines, with synthetic leather chairs, screaming my name - and promising me a more entertaining sexual life. hm. yay.


yAs! said...

I love you ra2.
Also the first comment sounds really interesting
A bit like my translation of that article :)

anoud said...


رأفت said...

if not to get laid. then drop. drop i tell you..