Saturday, August 21, 2010

he calls it rambling

it's been a couple of posts now that i'm pulling off an #Auditoysroom .. but this will not turn into a music blog, or a blog about music, per se. but - yes, i do need a soundtrack - more than one, and as it changes, i'll let you know. so here's the thing - i've been busy accepting that architecture is a boring profession unless you're a superstar -

unless you post-intellectualize everything in attempts to make sense of built residues of what you are being shoved into designing - i've been busy working on the cover of FETISH SYSTEMS and the about the author \ about the book drafts , because i need to send it to print ASAP, yes - hopefully, it's getting printed - here's a mockup -

fetish systems is an autobiographical love letter of impotence. it is the pompous imaginary grace after a hysterical loss of of everything; the stepping out of self to look at it from a third person perspective, only to step back in, and narrate a processed first person dysjunct epiphany. the narrator refuses a present tense, hence starts nowhere to end nowhere, in avoidance to admit, in search of an alternative to the optical reception of the real; shies back into itself, into words - not language - to weave a non-place, where everything comes to go.

i've been busy making sense of god and my penis, and what goes where and why - and whether why matters, in things of god..and things of my penis - in both cases, delegating some tasks for my heart to handle - mostly things of my penis, because my things of god, continue a bit higher towards my head. i've been busy thinking of what i want to do next, and whether i want to stay here or not.. based on how much of myself will be able to play here - i am not sure, i still think there i things i did not eat up here, so i will - i must set a deadline.. i'll get busy with that soon.

i've been busy checking out the hammam in the souq, because i want to take you [tentative] there. it was fun last time - very fun. DONT TURN THE LIGHTS ON - CHROMEO

i've been spending a lot of time at the office, that is not yet an office - but will be, and i bought box files, and believe it or not, i'm actually using them. i've been busy scanning veneer samples, that i just can't get over. yes, for the millionth time, i am in love with samples. they can become_

brb, i'll go buy me a cig - LYKKE LI - UNTIL WE BLEED
so..i think my neons are dying - it's friggin chain saw massacre ambient .. anyways - i've been busy photocopying my thesis volume 1 book - so i start proofing, because i want to get that out too - soon ..
and i've been busy, in the toilet, because it ignites, as i shit - looking at myself in the mirror, phrases, and pieces of things i see - of لأطارد عطارد

-and this painting, it - in beirut, me - in trablos, it by my bed - me..away, and things that might have.. might not have forgotten me and promises i made -

in past tense, of future tense - now, tense..just tense


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