Wednesday, July 28, 2010

sixty per cent stone facade

I stumbled upon this picture of a house in Germany by Brandt + Simon Architekten, and it reminded me of something I had in mind, in dealing with ridiculous facade regulations.
Where I'm building, 60% of each facade should be stone clad.

The only way to purely execute that is to create a grid that would be filled with increments until the 60% is sufficed, but this would create a pixelated facade:
1. client, "are you kidding me?"
2. me, "this is hilarious..but no, i kid you not"

So, I'm dealing with it differently - a bit more orthodox..a lot more sellable, and as I'm doing so..cheers to Brandt + Simon.

1 comment:

Sedki said...

nice - very! I mean ok. pixels - but it becomes awesome when its used to solve regulations, which are similar in Amman btw - but, well yes it is awesome!