Wednesday, July 28, 2010

sixty per cent stone facade

I stumbled upon this picture of a house in Germany by Brandt + Simon Architekten, and it reminded me of something I had in mind, in dealing with ridiculous facade regulations.
Where I'm building, 60% of each facade should be stone clad.

The only way to purely execute that is to create a grid that would be filled with increments until the 60% is sufficed, but this would create a pixelated facade:
1. client, "are you kidding me?"
2. me, "this is hilarious..but no, i kid you not"

So, I'm dealing with it differently - a bit more orthodox..a lot more sellable, and as I'm doing so..cheers to Brandt + Simon.

Sunday, July 25, 2010


it takes a bit more than flashing bulbs to put on a good show
it sucked..

i still like you though

Friday, July 23, 2010

the thing

so i write and things - and i am not sure why i write and things, but what i am sure of is that i do not write to make sense - but i do write and enjoy others reading (what i write) - sometimes i think i don't, but i do. the thing is though, that i do not get the message through. what i write is confusing, not because i am the holy one or anything - but because i intend to confuse. my high comes from the trinketing of lingual whatevers to get a certain imagery through, that tends to sensual descriptions as opposed to any narrative or informative relevance. as i am editing Fetish Systems now, it hurts a bit, because it is a chunk of things - a chunk i am putting out there in riddles and quizzes with no clues, for no one to guess - it just stays there, for no one, not even me - for the things i do not want to know, or pretend to..not know - uncensored things, supercensored things and all of the above and all of the below - and more things to express things that i cannot find words for - disassociating myself from things that do have words, because i think words kill things - and i..i kill words, slowly - and not even surely. i am not sure why i do this, you see - if i am hiding, i lost my voyeur..and if i am playing, i have become alone. i feel like writing something that no one would dare call experimental for a while. i think this would be my next thing..maybe after that - ill go back to playing alone - it depends, i think - on who i pick along..who wants to stay and who leaves - and my head..and other things, things that depend on other things, and addictions to labyrinths, in shitloads.
so now i hate Fetish Systems, but i still love you - a lot, and i think it's fine, because it's..just fine - and roads and yellow's just fine - really. and that i am happy. i am sort of, close to happy, and it is happening, blue, remember blue? it's happening. i hope you don't read it - secretly i want you to, but in general - i hope you don't, because i don't want to know what you think of it. somehow, i want you to forget things i don't forget, and it would be all fine - because..evolution, you know?
and because i hate it, now i really do - because it knows a lot of things, things i don't know - things you don't know - but whatever. things happen. lines happen, and when they intersect, other things happen.


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

when the war began, it would be electrofunk in essence. they would have sampled audiograms of proof that they did not exist before they were born. they would have known, once and for all, their deficiency; they would have known their lack of sense. when it would have happened, it would be electrofunk in genotype. they would have devoured each others genitalia and moved upwards, proof that it existed before they would procreate. they would have known, once and for all, nothing.

Friday, July 16, 2010

take it like a man,

i'm telling you - the things you learned in college - shit.
80% of which you will neglect
90% of the remaining 20% you must not use
and the remaining 10% you will learn to forget"

an experienced architect telling a younger architect the tectonics of the architectural profession.

in the meantime, cities remain to grow gracefully blocking everything in sight, who needs empty spaces anyways?

*weeps in corner*

Thursday, July 8, 2010

it's tomorrow

So, #Mashrou3Leila.
We've seen them since day zero, you knew you were part of the band ever since you heard them jam somewhere around campus in AUB, or in some cafe' in Hamra.. You've seen 'em battle themselves out of static, out of what was fashionable before they stepped into the circus, the underground.
Mashrou3Leila came in, with lyrical content and musical play that munched the womb of 'cool'. What was cool was not to be mainstream, to trash commercial and to remain under ground. 
Leila would die underground, so the Mashrou3 was obvious, let's trash the carnival and call in everyone to play. That's what happened.
You would see the gang...(Cont'd HERE)

Sunday, July 4, 2010

nami ya zghiri

F: baba, why aren't we giraffes?
R: because our necks are too short
F: baba?
R: em-
F: i think you're the smartest in the whole wide world
R: no, you're drunk

Friday, July 2, 2010

#FAITHLESS | Tweak your nipple

Welcome once again
to the ceremony
this is my testimony
I see genius and everybody
to proceed it in yourself
is the difficulty
where you come from
really makes no difference to me
where the country
or just another lonely city
like a lope just
you processed the ability
to produce …

(3x Refrain)
so drop your paper
in the mainstream
start a ripple
they will buzz you
like a tweak on your nipple
tickle your sensibility
speak just a little
the words having no way
to telln ‘n rock to make you

I see genius and everybody
to proceed it in yourself
is the difficulty
but your individuality
overflows the quality
it manifests solubly
if you believe

(2x Refrain)
so drop your paper
in the mainstream
start a ripple
they will buzz you
like a tweak on your nipple
tickle your sensibility
speak just a little
the words having no way
to telln ‘n rock to make you



text from facebook; mine comes once i settle  

Bright Colours, Flashing lights, Incredible Music… You’ve been waiting for so long for something without knowing what it is… Bored of the same places, the same music and the same crowd… The Wait Is Finally Over!!!!

Sunday July the 25th, expect the unexpected… The Crystal Group and NRJ are proud to present “FAITHLESS” Live in Lebanon.

For the first time in the history of the region, the best electronica band will hit Beirut city to perform the first dance concert ever…

Faithless are a british electronica band composed of 3 essential members: Maxi Jazz, Sister Bliss and Rollo…
Their songs have been considered to be the biggest dance anthems. Hits such as: INSOMNIA, GOD IS A DJ, ONE STEP TOO FAR, MASS DESTRUCTION, WE COME 1, MUSIC MATTERS, DANCE FOR LIFE, MUSIC MATTERS
A whole crew composed of musicians, sound engineers and light technicians will be flying from London to create the concert of this Summer…
A concert which you do not want to miss.

Witness a band that will make you dance till you drop...


Tickets will be sold at any Virgin Ticketing Box Office Branches:

Regular: 45 $ (Standing)
Vip: 80 $ (Seated)
Golden Cage: 120 $ (Standing+ 1 drink)
Prestige: 150 $ ( Seated + 2 drinks)