Thursday, June 3, 2010

#Monocle Censorships

So, today is a nice day, I went on site.. saw the work going smoothly but impolitely.. sat on the balcony - the breeze was to die for.. I sketched a little, then on my way back to the office - stopped by the bookstore, and got the June Monocle \ issue 34.

Magazines are one of my countless thrills.. and Monocle is magazine royalty; so I skimmed through it the first time, and saw this mirrorish sticker on one of the articles, pg61. Tacky, not very Monocle.. but I kept that nose of mine out of it ..anywas..I skimmed through it some more, messaged Anoud to check pg144, she would like the glasses..   anyways - It was time to get to business..

In the index  *KSA days..resurrections of black marker nightmares..* something was scratched out, again, naive me thought that it's some kind of design move - so I head to the mirror sticky thing, and unpeel. ..

TADAAA.. Israel.

I am not a fan of Israel, in fact - I hate it, and I want it to die ASAP.. a boring death - something that won't be noted in if nothing ever happened.. I don't want to let the now-Israeli's go all Armenian about their existence - they WILL forget..and be forgotten, I still like Terry Poison, see - this is my issue with things.

#Flotilla has nothing to do with cultural production - Intellect is something, war is another. I want to know what these people do - Hezbollah knows, and Hezbollah is their #1 enemy. I am a number (within the Lebanese enemy state population) - I need to know - I want to know their banalities, and their superiorities - I want to know everything - and it is your duty \Ministry of Affairs\ to not stop me..

I remember watching Waltz with Bashir.. with some friends at the lecture hall in AUB, locking the doors and turning off the lights - the music to a certain low volume, so we won't get caught..while it was being sold EVERYWHERE -

So we have this finger..and we insist on hiding behind it, ok - hide - but at least acknowledge that you are hiding from something..and KNOW that this something knows everything about you - and in 3,2,1 is going to attack your uneducated sorry ass.. .


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Rosette said...

"I need to know - I want to know their banalities, and their superiorities - I want to know everything"