Tuesday, May 18, 2010

tu - umpu, lik lik

so i hate how i don't know everything - but if i do, then i would most probably be bored.

a friend told me about Krall - i didn't know her before - now my skin knows her, and i'm suffocated by her - no, its not factuals that i crave - it's verges of everythings .. borderlines and mishaps .. and trees, and how they shade stars on their respective grounds - that i share.

and i really, really want to touch your fingers - sometimes, when you're not talking

and i want to learn, for it becomes the only consolation .. to not knowing - the thrill of littleness and goosebumps of more -

you will find me here,

diana krall -beiteddine-aug 2 - 2010

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