Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Rem Koolhaas is coming to Beirut - it's a bit late, but better late than never.
Rem Koolhaas will be hosted on AUB premises. Mistake #1. hence, i will be ''Not Attending"

An architect like RK should not be a lecture-rat. We have read your books, stalked your recipes, printed your photos and licked them, argued pro your projects, so i am pretty sure listening to you dictate them would be astonishingly redundant - but so is jerking off .. and we still do that from time to time. .

Give him an apartment in Beirut for a month, but not a car - and may it be an open brief..where he can produce nothing, if nothing needs anything as a response - and everything - if everything is the way to go - i would like to see what game he would choose to play here - not hear about games he played elsewhere - because here is not there - and a lecture about there will do nothing more than ElCroquis can do, or a podcast.. or yea ..

..and if you go, say hi.

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anoud said...

two thumbs up. Usually i wouldn't have agreed, cause maybe something good is good anyway, but he is good to an extent u cant just waste him like that.