Monday, May 24, 2010

LebGeeks - #NotNice

So i started using a week ago, and it's amazing - very informative, but that's too good to be true.. they turned out to have writing guidelines which fall into a category of pretentious assholes (they delete your comment if you don't comply - whip!), so I think i won't be there again..

Dear Members,

As the forum is getting more populated, it has come to our attention (myself and some other core members) that the quality of the posts have been degrading.

In order to preserve the quality of our forum, you are requested to respect the following guidelines when posting:

- Always post in proper English and use a spell and grammar checker. This means, no SMS-style language, no elementary spelling mistakes and no excessive punctuation.

- In case you feel obliged to post in Arabic, make sure you use Arabic characters, you can use tools like Yamli to make the job easier. If you only know how to write Arabic in Latin characters, make sure you use italics to separate it from the rest of your reply.
Also, if possible, include a translation of what you said in English


أكل الولد التفاحة (The child ate the apple)
Akala el waladou al toufaha (The child ate the apple).

- Do not abuse of smiley faces (we will get your point you limit yourself to one per three lines).
- Do not use all caps in order to be more heard. You'll just seem a lot more annoying.

A poorly written post will be deleted and the user will be warned.
Multiple failures to abide by these guidelines will result in the revocation of your membership.

Yes, we might lose a lot of members, but this will ensure that LebGeeks preserves the quality standards it was built on.



- 23 Oct 2009: added Arabic guidelines.
- 24 Oct 2009: changed title to "Writing Guidelines".

 @raafatmcm please repost. It seems you haven't posted following the writing guidelines.


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