Sunday, April 18, 2010


Today i went to the Z'anneh Tribute thing at Unesco. I missed Mashrou' Leila, and got right into Mr. Khawli. Not nice. Then, it hopped into what's her name - Saleh. You know, some people have talent - others are endowed. You can have something pretty and big - yet not know how to use it. Common defunct. She has a really nice voice, yet - oh god a la faux-cabaret! She literally slaughtered parts of SoapKills' Aranis - the Z'anneh part at least. Then, Mr. Kaabour gave us some Picon Medleys to a social exit.

10,000LBP gone to waste. It's fine - I think in islam, they would accredit it as social work, or wait- i'm not supposed to listen to music.. or wait. islam?


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