Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Hamra. Basically Hamra is what I don’t want to see happening anymore; a place that didn’t live up to its potential – in a time where people pretend that the identity of architecture is something to debate {#Bernard vs. #Rudy @BeirutArtCenter= http://tinyurl.com/yjsjjdq } because the topic is invalid – it is too inabsurd, to even be interestingly vague = the parameters are not remarkable = architecture is nothing on its own = architecture becomes something that would survive on its own, but it is not born as such = identity is overrated altogether.

Hamra is the progeny of our loss of faith, our suspension of disbelief, or what we were taught to do, in order to learn. Hamra is what I don’t want to see happening anymore, this skip-trot evolution of cities, intellectualized to blame it on globalization, the lack of power of the people, the strings of supply and demand, the political situation(s), so on and so forth.

Now forget about Hamra, it was just an example. Since I would agree with myself that culture is not a product, hence ‘cultural product’ could not be punned, let’s call it production, simply…sans the cockture™; and on brochures and posters, financial plans and what have you, we could go back to that bastardous ‘cultural product’ for marketing purposes.

Production, you’re all it needs all it takes is a little sweat, and a lover to make you coffee and share your cigarette packs. Do not make excuses related to preparing a workspace, just work. Do not sleep after you get back from your bill-paying-eight-to-five-job, just work. You are not a donkey, but you know what a carrot is. You see, I’ll hang a carrot for you, Hamra. Look at Hamra, look at it, and let it be everything that everything you used to love shouldn’t end up like. Just Do It™

Later, if me and you work, and do this, this might be called a movement. They might call an age after us. It would be cute, but I need to shave for the pictures probably: You too, if you want. May it be the age of Production, not Consumption. Actually, let’s consume. Let’s consume what we produce. Fuck China (and VeroModa of course)

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