Wednesday, March 3, 2010


I STILL cannot understand people who don’t listen to music. Anyways, today I was called simple. I never thought of myself as a simple person, but good – good. It like to be more than one, it makes things simple. Today, I went to Ouzai on my lunchbreak with a colleague to fix something in his car. We did. I discovered that mechanics that fix VWs also fix AUDI .. go figure. I learned a lot of things today, and proved already found theories that other people did not grasp once upon a life. So here we go. After we finished fixing the car, we pretended to know where we were in Ouzai and just drove around. we found this place that sold car parts, the crème-de-la-crème is not even here; you see, it’s façade is a steel grid with stacked cars. Sorry, no pictures, it’s Ouzai remember? Anyways, Joumana el Jabri and Stephen Cambell, please recall once, when my façade was a car park for the Gustav Klimt Study Center in Hamra? Ok. It is amazing, and you are both wrong. Hello Joumana, Hello Stephen. Anyways, we drove by – to be pulled so enticingly to the Ammar Butchery, oh baybeh baybeh… as they baked us some inhouse LahmB’ajeen I ordered me a BIG barbequed meat sandwich, and kind of barbequed them myself, ooh, I learned that to avoid fire while barbequeing, one must throw salt on the coal. Anyways, medium rare meat with parsley, pickles (die, haig) and tomatoes just did it for me.

We left Ammar, finding our way between hung cow corpses – which sounds bothering, but no – it looks better than those street lights they erected on the corniche, and stopped by to buy some Lemons (hi rosie) from a dude, not Jihad, asking about furniture prices every five meters. I love Ouzai. I’m not sure if it loves me back, but now I have a beard and all – love me!

So here’s the deal, it’s amazing, Beirut. I need to have sex with people, but what happens in the end that me and Beirut just end up salivating over each other. Tough. Anyways, I’ll find a way to balance my fetishes, until then – I’m experimenting with Cedars. Weird taste, burns real slow and smells like candy. Hello Cedars.

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