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“3. While I found the first quarter of Sir Ken Robinson’s The Element to be wishy-washy, the last few chapters I’ve read were unexpectedly eye-opening. The chapter on the importance of finding one’s “tribe”, i.e. the set of people, regardless of proximity or even aliveness, who share your view of the world is in particular enticing.”

And now I feel like a Cookie. The thing is, as I have bored you earlier, I am not a fan of categories. I hate titles, labels and names. I will continue to bore you with this until you get what I mean. I do not want you to agree, I just want you to understand. I just finished my Cookie, and it was good – thanks for asking. So this is how I disagree; tribes collect people according to similarities. This is the first mishap. When you put people that think alike in the same tank, a.k.a. tribe, then the amount of information being transferred is tank-related, hence the production of a sewer.

A happy tale, sponsored by AL-AZHAR UNIVERSITY (without their approval, don’t ask):

Once upon a time, there was this little boy. He was not very lost, he just did not believe in God. He lived in a world where things were blue and green and buildings had domes, and every now and then they made sounds that make people dance the same dance all towards the same direction. He enjoyed the music, he didn’t dance. He just did not know why they were all doing it. When he became twelve, he was introduced to the book of answers, written by God himself, which he was now told to call Allah. He did not mind. His mommy and daddy were very proud. He was one of them now, he was one with the tribe. The little boy enjoyed the book of answers, it rhymed. As time strolled by, next to him, he became older and more aware of things. He had more questions. He asked his dad about the bag under his penis, and his mom about eyeliner, he asked his friends about why Playboy had girls in it and Playgirl had boys. He was confused. But they did not have the answers. He asked them about Asmahan, and they thought she was chocolate-based. His dad told him not to talk of things under his pants and his mom told him eyeliner was only for girls. His friends have never heard of Playboy, Playgirl or Asmahan. He decided to look in the book of answers.

He read and smiled, read and smiled, it was a nice book – but it made his questions sound silly. This is when he became a bit angry. He insisted, he asked and asked and everyone looked in the book of answers, the same book of answers that he looked for answers in, and found none. He grew a bit older, he did not understand what the bag under his penis was, but he did not care as long as he had special friends that enjoyed it. Some of them used eyeliner, some didn’t.

He did not know why Playboy had girls and Playgirl had boys as long as he would have both, and Asmahan found her way to him. There were more questions to ask. He wanted to know why he was born, not how. He wanted to know who Allah was, not what. He asked about the stars and cats and why dogs are not allowed in the house. And from behind the mountains, a genius arrived. He had the answers to this boy’s questions.

The tribe sat in a circle around a black cube and listened.

GENIUS: habibi little boy, why do you not believe in Allah the Almighty everything?

LITTLEBOY: because (interrupred by GENIUS)

GENIUS: don’t you see the world around you? The trees.. the stars, the cats..

LITTLEBOY: yes, I love (interrupted by GENIUS)

GENIUS: but you see – this is all the work of Allah, how can something be just born out of nothing? There should be something behind it – hence, Allah exists

LITTLEBOY: but you see – can something be just born out of nothing? There should be something behind it…

The genius felt proud of his little disciple, and so did the tribe. The little boy has found reason. He was once again part of the tribe!

LITTLEBOY: …so what is behind Allah?

The genius went back to behind the mountains, and the people of the tribe went back to their dances, to only one kind of music. The little boy typed and started asking questions. His new friend, Google, was nice. It just gave him options that it called hits, and he would choose. Eventually, the little boy left the tribe and started writing new questions, to look for new answers, that will only be new questions, for other questions to come. The little boy smiled.


I feel like another Cookie. When would it be called binge-eating? Well, in a tribe-less estate, never. See? Anyways, the mechanism of evolution happens through discomfort, as opposed to comfort. When an entity is subjected to an obstacle, it accommodates itself to overcome it. It is therefore in constant dynamicity only in a heterogeneous medium – it is stagnant in stability.

I am selfish, and am not in favor of the common good as opposed to the individual, so a possible argument of the tribe helping each other to overcome hardships is not enticing.

Back to production, I am one that is in complete excitement when it comes to discrepancies of perception. It is a motor. In a tribe, this is limited, to none. When people have similar views, they tend to accept similar things, and repel from similar things. No one will be convincing me, and I won’t be convincing anyone. There is no assimilation, as opposed to deep-rooting of already found ideas, concepts and theories. It is a cacotopia of process, I cannot stand this! Give me that Cookie!!

So, what good is it to find this set of people that share your view to the world except a selfish need to belong to a confirmation of your ideas, and what makes you need that? Another tribe that devises a need for a norm. It is a vicious circle, of cults that make you think you are not introverted enough, scenes that make you feel not flamboyant enough, religions that make you feel not pious enough, schools that tell you that you are not good enough, all calibers that are not even interesting enough.

What good is a tribe, as opposed to a non-tribe. Let’s take the alternative of belonging to an oppressive synonym that puts you in a connotation. Let’s belong to nothing and be everything. I say we base ourselves on trial and error, on immediate reactions and uncensored responses to exaggerated stimuli. Let us test what we are made of, not be curated upon under thematic compliances. So now what is really making me happy is that compliances rhymes with appliances, and am wondering whether it would be more self-indulgent if I were an electric or a mechanical appliance. I am not sure.

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Sara said...

:) "lets belong to nothing and be everything" i love this, i actually love the whole thing. In a fucked up world were you are categorized the day you are born blue for boys and pink for girls its amazing to be able or at least to want to belong to nothingness.You make me wana agree with u in everything you say but then im scared that we would belong to the same tribe ;)and hence form another group of norms in this world.
Your post made me think today and im rarely doing that, lately :).
im questioning this instinct in us which is "the need to belong" were we born with it? is it there along with the other food/sex instincts. i dnt know? is there any such thing as instincts? are we programmed to think that way through a system devised by man a long time ago and now it became a micro chip implanted in us through education and parenting.
belong to nothingness__ can we actually do that?! id love to be able to think of such a thing but is it possible?
Questions!! i think that is the main problem, we grow up asking questions that have no answers at least answers that can only be found through life not through religion or mammy and daddy. They give us preconceived answers, ones they don't understand and we are supposed to digest them.

رأفت said...

hehe, you never fail to make me smile in one way or another.
i think we are trained to be tribal, when we are trained to settle and be comfortable. it is a tool for that. i mean, civilizations used to grow around rivers and next to seas for the obvious logistical reasons, hence the birth of societies.. geographically, but now the river seems to have been substituted by comfort zones, which renders everything backwards. instead of the 'city' extending along the river, it introverts towards the core leading to the production of a totally unnatural settlement.
but it's easier, and everything is close, and you will die without the mall .. so yea -