Wednesday, March 17, 2010


it has been puzzling me, for a while now, the concept of a layout. why does one work. why doesn't the other work. does either work, i mean is it a matter of taste or language? but i'm not talking just print. i cannot but persist on the fact that my SHIFT button points up to the CAPS LOCK, which is written in small caps, superseded by the TAB alternator. what is who trying to tell me?

but regardless, there are doors that open to the left, and others that open to the right - some in, some out - women with beauty marks on the left, some on the right - men with penile deviations some to the left some to the right - some in, some out - yet sanity makes sense to everyone else.

i am not drunk. although i just discovered that i am NOT allergic to alcohol. thank you jesus, mary, god & co.

Q you know what i remember most about layouts?
A george arbid skipping my layout assignment in his slideshow, "this is too messy", that was my feedback

but regardless, there are doors that open upwards, and others that open downwards - some in, and some out - in your head, it's yours, the web of things, the way things web, the woven non-truth that makes enough sense for you to believe. give me your hand, for i love your veins, and how i feel your blood traverse between my palm and yours, give me your hand, i want to take you to egypt and i want you under the sun.

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