Tuesday, March 2, 2010


She is not only a belly dancer, but an artist who played a role in shaping Egypt’s modern culture.”
--Palestinian-American Writer, Edward Said

In 1936, Taheyia danced for King Farouk’s wedding procession, significantly accompanying the singing of Om Kalsoum. A great admirer of Taheyia’s dancing Om Kalsoum stated that she would prefer to watch Taheyia over any other dancer because ‘she was the only one who could sing with her body.’ Later, Mohamad Abd El Wahab would say that ‘Taheyia was able to show a great deal of movement in such a very little space.’


Bidoon Sukkar بدون سكّر said...

Why is it Kalsoum and not Kulthum now?

رأفت said...

it's a copy paste.. from somewhere
i was more occupied with the pictures :)


Bidoon Sukkar بدون سكّر said...

haha no worries :p