Sunday, March 7, 2010

before i sleep

so i got it. it's been a while that i've been sarcastic about everything. this post is an anomaly. i will return to my masks with the coming postpone your popcorn. this is for me & my blog, and im not sure why im even posting it. so this time i will not say we, i am talking about me, and i dont know if it applies to you. it's just that i end up hurting people because i am so potty-trained to do everything "right" and say things that get blue ribbons, and end up not understanding things, or just running away from reactions to an extent that i - dont react anymore. i am numb. i do not know what to react to and how. i am on the wrong track obviously.
i am not enjoying it-
anyways, excuse my whatever. this is just something i needed to let out before i sleep.


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