Sunday, February 21, 2010

a lot of things

so here we go - it's been a while since i had a real weekend..not that i had one this weekend.. but we're getting there. <im still in my bubble, don't get any ideas.. but i think i have a door now>. so this saturday i left beirut to tripoli CONNEXion to get a haircut because only one man can cut my hair and sustain my ego, his name is mohamad , smokes gitanes lights and owns Salon Amer lil rijal. I never asked him why. after that, i crossed the street to one of my favourite people in tripoli.. Mr.Zawdeh - the owner of studio Zawdeh and the trustee of my much-fetished-posessions.. my 36ers. i gave him a film to develop, and being groomed and all that jazz.. i took a passport picture, put your right leg a bit higher..and your shoulders up up..up, your face..look at me, yes - no, like that- now twist, ok - chik chik - pass by on monday.. not fun.. i don't think i'll model anytime soon.

ok - so that night ZeidandTheWings [] were on at EMchill..and i promised Yasmeen, so - back to beirut QOTOB, aboard which i got acquainted with what i would like to call syrian softcore porn.. but not quite.. starring 'the syrian girl next door' accompanied by a drummer or two and a drooling crowd. amazing shit.
so i got to Charles Helou got my hands on some Marlboro reds, and a black lighter.. a la DW5.. :) and walked up the highway to get to EMchill.. a lamely remodeled ex-after-party place. i love highways.. i love them at night..and i love that i can sing at night, on highways.. whatever i want_ ideoteque - KidA - radiohead _ []

beirut, i dearly clearly love you - anyways..a 10$ entrance for crappy crappy beer.. Almaza, when did you go out of fashion? they didnt have Almaza.. we had watery beer.. and a sort of lame warmup.. but ZeidandTheWings were worth it.. LOLA LOLA LOLA LOOOLA.. and Yasmeen, you rocked and no you didn't ruin castles.. you made it yay!

after that.. behind the green door. i out-of-the-cupboardly-hate-this-place.. (i got kicked out for wearing shorts once).. anyways..we went there.. men women and children pole-dancing just made everything better.. and do you wanna be my fuckin' boyfriend, cuz i wanna see ya POP CHAMPAGNE said richie.. so yea - fun, but it welted at around two.. since now we are working class (wtf, when did that happen) - so i said bye bye to the mirrors and the oggling twins - and walked out stealing a Zamlouti off the wall.. to go back to tripoli

yazu spoke to me of breaking monkeys, monkey tattoos and 50$ monkeys.. the imaginary roger and 6am opportunities.. and delightfully, bussed me i left beirut at around 3am TE7MEELEH ..looping _skip divided - The Eraser - Thom Yorke_ [ ] in half waking state..

tripoli, 4am - a man, collecting other men.. towards his car - called me to come over, so i went over "dafra iza betreed" .. he wanted help push his car forward.. so yeah - happened - and we parted.

goodmorning sunday -a slow good day - hello teta, hello arguileh - hello cinamon tea with flower blossom, hello melancholy regardless of reason or authenticity.. today was nice.. and i met a little white cat that lives on the trunk of my dad's car.. this little white cat that doesnt mind driving around cruising on the trunk as long as its genitals are warm and vibrating.. and tomorow, beirut..

so why am i telling you this, i'm not sure - but somehow.. you are not here - somehow i think it's okay, but other times i want you to know.. regardless of reasons..regardless - completely regardless.. irrelative.completely of anything - the thrill comes from things i don't know - and, well - ok, i don't know -

take care


Bidoon Sukkar بدون سكّر said...

"little white cat that doesnt mind driving around cruising on the trunk as long as its genitals are warm and vibrating.." HAHAHAHA

I suggested your previous post to Interruptions, they are working on their new publication I don't know if they contacted you yet but it would be cool to have that one published!

Ok now would it freak you out to know that I read 'almost' all your blog posts after that one, and I'm so becoming a regular reader.

رأفت said...

so that was you??

haha! its quite flattering -
actually, yes they contacted me and i was ecstatic..beyond dictionary definitions :)

as for freakworthiness.. it turned out i stumbled upon your bidoun sukkar a while back - and well, chapeux bas missy..
and if my sherloknessitude is not mistaken you are nour, omar's friend that met haig in t-marbouta and sang something with a pretty voice?

i wasnt there..but i heard abt it*
so yea
freak and flattery all around ;)

Ibrahim Nehme said...

luv it!
i ended up twice in behind on sat, but in both times barely lasted 1 min.

wanted baul van dyke- *sigh*

anyho, keep them coming ;)

Bidoon Sukkar بدون سكّر said...

Hahaha ouff yes that's me! :)