Saturday, February 27, 2010


I cannot understand people who don’t listen to music. Sometimes I tend to flap my feathers off the edge of their respect – and slowly I murmur bad things about them.. in my head. But, I think, ‘we all get it in the end’, so I don’t mind their existence; their loss anyways. So here it goes. No one is special, because we are all different, but I’ve been having these confrontational vibes with the cult-of-norm.. have you heard of them? Well, everyone rubs groins with that at least once in a lifetime.. and they seem to have an awkward attraction towards me. Ok, I’m attractive, but still – case not so closed, you see.. “like oh-ma-gad! You’re abnormal.” is not something nice to say/hear. Ok – so I’m basing this post to that. Wuhu- hang on there soldiers.

When you say something is something, you miss out on everything else that it is – a lot of somethings that would or would not have made sense. Now, I don’t know if I got the message through, but that’s not very out of the ordinary.

So now I’m going to pull off a Chinx, and quote myself –

“…He told me that he was polysexual. I didn’t understand. For some reason, it was important for him that I would understand. He needed someone to talk to. He wanted to talk to me. He wanted to make love to me. He told me he was polysexual, I didn’t understand, but I believed him.

He came closer to her, with his fingers, grabbed the tip of her nose, where it sank into her forehead, and lightly, but with a tight grip, moved her closer towards him. He kissed her eyes. Left eye first. Then he looked at me,..”

-Conversations With Your Naked (unfinished, yes … I know-)

Now, I don’t know if I got the message through, again, but that’s not very out of the ordinary. But do you get my point? Now really, do you?


sho said...

I'm following you to hell from now on. It's not that it's a bad thing you know ... two may sometimes be better than one depending on who the one plus one are... So things might turn into dialogues around here.
Quoting yourself is not one of the acts of the ego, it is just like what thousands of years ago a wise man said: "you can't step into the same river twice". Who you are now, is not who you were ... other wise men have also said that you are never completely yourself at any given moment in time... so what you said yesterday is the property of that which you were yesterday and bringing it back is simply the act of quoting and respecting that which you were yesterday...
as for being called 'abnormal' ... some people would gladly take that as a compliment ... in other words, i would say: it's just a matter of perspective...

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