Monday, January 18, 2010


Celestial suicide bombers have been reported to be the reason behind the mass destruction flung upon Haiti a couple of days back. NASA has been put under the microscope for not being able to ban Islam from outer space, but it seems that these bombers were not Muslims, autopsies confirmed on Sunday. So this new religion of destruction of nuclear scale might just be the new primetime enthusiasm around the globe, leaving Islam back to its original intention and couch-potato-ism to a new level. That being said, aids have been transferred in traumatic amounts – Excaliburly immense quantities to Haiti, that in turn gained some pounds on the total field of perception. The Israelites, now, doubt their book, for how come Haiti gets the extraterrestrial treatment, and as we speak – new testaments will be found, and the Torah will be reconstructed to produce pieces of knowledge that even Moses didn’t know, that YES, Haiti is in fact the Holy land, and efforts to communicate with Mr. Belford will commence via the ZOF (Zionist Ouija Foundation) to collaborate on a new party. In the meantime, Richter falls into a slight depression and commits suicide, where he will be buried in Lebanon, to be proclaimed Saint Richter in fifty years.

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