Tuesday, December 28, 2010

pace on my finger, tick

rabiis and priests and sheikhs on their colorful knees delicately observing post-adolescent circumcision.
rabiis and priests and sheikhs and more disciples  - more disciples and a man in his forties playing the piano.
rabiis and priests and sheikhs - properly killed animals, red wine and bread.
rabiis and priests and sheikhs - mouths open and mouths closed delicately.

my socks, tighter, i take them off.
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Saturday, December 18, 2010

heroin in tel aviv

why is there a mountain where caterpillars once ate flowers, and other caterpillars - a mountain not so rooted in this land. why are these waves crashing where we solemnly watched the moon - eternal presence - fleeting presence - watched the moon as caterpillars once ate flowers, where nothing green spared our tables, where nothing citric spared our lands. how does this apply, this valley - this almost diabolical trauma where other caterpillars watched the moon - eternal moon - fleeting moon - silently, away from waves crashing.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

501 | when alcohol finds its calling..architecture

Just came back from B018 [the soberest visit I've had to date] where it's daddy [Bernard Khoury] launched along with Johnny Walker their new Keep Walking campaign.

It was an interesting evening, blacks and golds being juggled back and forth and a classical B018 roof show-off "yes sir, i can boogie" - interrupted by two lame intros and a Bernard.
Mr. B's a good guy, he deserves the recognition. He is one of the few that cater to space as fetish, I respect that...

"I was surprised they [Johnny Walker / Leo Burnett ] chose an architect for their campaign .. architects are not that important anymore ", he said...

Architecture became secondary in the new game of production and consumption that the industry stopped catering via design - it caters to the tasteless masses.
The fact that you can buy a ready built house, furnish it with already made furniture, as you dress in prêt à porter has rewired the mass into something senseless, tasteless, consuming 'identity/individuality' as just another product, has made this world a practical ugly world, numb -- nauseous.
I'm just glad the shorts are well done - with quite impressive views of Mr. B's work / a rare insight to a big player in the grown-up game of LEGO..

[ http://www.facebook.com/JohnnieWalkerMENA ]  *all photos by ryam idriss**


*needless to remind you that tomorrow, #Mashrou3Leila are playing at the Assembly Hall | AUB - come*

Monday, November 29, 2010

[ Smirnoff + Poliakov = بيض غنم ]*beirut

 Smirnoff - Night Exchange Project

Poliakov - Ferry Corsten
Makhlouf - Dora Roundabout

Smirnoff Nightlife Exchange Project

I don't normally get invited to get drunk because I blog. Last Saturdaie, Smirnoff stuffed Thailand in a warehouse for us to play, and ..oh-boy