Wednesday, December 23, 2009

=[ (allahu akbar)*2 ]

so i was taking the dishes into the kitchen, as water was boiling..for my tea - and he starts calling me from outside - at points i thought he was romantic, but he calls everyone..just the same- so, not that interesting. i dont get why i have to be reminded that god is bigger, five times a day - i dont think i have issues i would want to discuss on god, right now - with you.. but the thing is, if god is bigger, or smaller - or maybe similar in size, it wouldn't really matter - because anyways - it wouldnt prove it..and it wouldnt prove anything else, in particular - even fact that - it is bigger, it is bigger - yet conflicts with its.. uncomparability complex, bigger than blank..hence, everything.

now i dont mean to be all cool and stuff, i just had some broccoli and fish, and i like both - oh so dearly, so i feel grand.. now..the water is boiling for tea - ill gulp and listen to something that ought to make me forget other things.. technically making my world go round..elliptical i think -

al salamu 3alaykom w...


J said...

This from a guy who wants to enter holy Sheikhdom. Tsk, tsk...:P

رأفت said...

i have my reasons little miss sunshine, i do