Wednesday, December 23, 2009

=[ (allahu akbar)*2 ]

so i was taking the dishes into the kitchen, as water was boiling..for my tea - and he starts calling me from outside - at points i thought he was romantic, but he calls everyone..just the same- so, not that interesting. i dont get why i have to be reminded that god is bigger, five times a day - i dont think i have issues i would want to discuss on god, right now - with you.. but the thing is, if god is bigger, or smaller - or maybe similar in size, it wouldn't really matter - because anyways - it wouldnt prove it..and it wouldnt prove anything else, in particular - even fact that - it is bigger, it is bigger - yet conflicts with its.. uncomparability complex, bigger than blank..hence, everything.

now i dont mean to be all cool and stuff, i just had some broccoli and fish, and i like both - oh so dearly, so i feel grand.. now..the water is boiling for tea - ill gulp and listen to something that ought to make me forget other things.. technically making my world go round..elliptical i think -

al salamu 3alaykom w...

Friday, December 18, 2009

Behind the Green Door

Behind the Green Door - a porn film,
and i think there's a plot..and things like that - Two men enter a fast food place. The owner asks them about a mysterious matter. After some considerations, one of the two guys accepts to tell the story. Here starts a long flashback: the two men are in a terrace, next to a lake, and one is telling the other a story. A woman sits at a table nearby. Later the same woman is kidnapped. When the blindfold is removed, a woman welcomes her. After a relaxing massage, she is accompanied by 6 women, into a stage, in front of masked men, and women of all kinds. A speaker explains that the woman will be pleased, by all means. The 6 women first, and later some men make love to her, while the audience progressively move into a orgy. This is the end of the flashback. The owner of the fast food place asks what happened after that time, but the men refuse to tell...


Thursday, December 17, 2009



for those of you who don't know مشروع ليلى , keys are being offered to unlock and get out of the lettuce this saturday december the nineteenth comma two thousand and nine - keys are sold at the door for 20,000 (key=ticket+CD) come

for those of you who love مشروع ليلى - its our communal androgynous circumcision this saturday, "exciting times" .. !!

for those of you who hate مشروع ليلى , yo mama!

for those of you who cannot give a flying fuck about مشروع ليلى , shit happens, the tiles are on your left - the Mediterranean on your right..ballto el ba7r ya ekhwet el ..hi, hello..ehm - yes

see you at DEMCO, even if it rains

Sunday, December 13, 2009


A documentary co-directed by Nick Abrahams and Jeremy Deller, artist and winner of the 2004 Turner Prize, about Depeche Mode fans around the world.

In Russia, May 9 is Victory Day, a national holiday. It's also the birthday of Dave Gahan, lead singer with Depeche Mode, and a group of Muscovite fans have declared it Dave Day, gathering together to celebrate the group with homemade banners, mass sing-alongs and club nights. In Russia and countries of the former Soviet Union, the band's music has been treasured since it was only available on illegal bootlegged cassettes in the 1980s, and it formed the soundtrack of the march toward freedom those countries embarked upon following the fall of the Berlin Wall. This situation is mirrored in Tehran, where fans take huge risks in listening to their music in a country that has banned all Western music since the Cultural Revolution. In the UK, the church of St Edward King and Martyr in Cambridge holds services for goths where they play Depeche Mode records. Turner Prize-winning artist Jeremy Deller and collaborator Nicholas Abrahams tell these and other stories of faith and devotion from around the world in this fascinating and inspired documentary about fandom, which is at turns bizarre, funny, sad and often touching.

lessons hebdomadaire

wipes liquid off face

ok, so here's the thing. this week has been interestingly obnoxious and very learn-worthy, to an extent that i don't really feel like writing - but i feel i have to - just to sum up - ..things and attempt to vent (obviously the only purpose of this blog) - anyways, as it turns out, in defiance to my singular belief, that passion doesn't make the world go round - money does.. not nice. note to self, make money..then jerk off on someone you like. BUT lesson#2.. people you like, dont like you..really - and other people, you dont give as much attention to, seem to like you - even though you dont give them the light of day - or the reason to. .which is now, an obvious viscious are those people, with the other people (that you like) .. now that sucks. i also learned that i must accept the fact that i can be depressed, and not be bugged about it - and i must also .. well, expect people not to want to be around a depressed entity - hence, i paint my kitchen yellow - so maybe they'll incubate in smiledom. what i also learned is that people get married, and have babies - and construct this mini-world that they get stuck in - and it pisses me off. i hate people when they become 35, although they turn me on - but they're stupid..and married most of the time. i learned that when you feel a little insecure, you must make someone else very insecure - and then you become very.. happy? i learned that the past is never the past and the future is never the future - the present doesnt exist.. well = everything you might be doing had been done and will be done by someone else - simply in different phases that are not synchronized, and that you are never doing something new - never. which is happy in a sense that we share this vast everythingness - but depressing when you write things in your little notebook.
and i learned that people must not run after planets, because they will never catch them.. and i learned that i will always do..because i cant grasp that i cant, and i wouldnt take it otherwise.

class adjurned