Sunday, November 22, 2009

Melody Hits

We must all bow to the majesties of hits and trash, for when Rotana was buying everything and everyone that lived, is alive or about to live in the music industry, Melody Hits ( was making la creme de la creme of what is now apparently Arab Pop Culture .. and if not making, well - paving the ground for an open forum - super free medium for their fetishism. I don't watch TV, I do not own one for that matter - but regardless... today, at my parents' we had Melody Hits on and oh-baby-baby-off-yalalalli

Melody Hits YouTube channel

I am not here to judge, but i must concur that this is one heck of a something. In this part of the world where individual needs are sort of...blurred, comes this household 'item' let's call it - that is accessible for free 24/7 ... that could easily make almodovar weep, bjork blush and britney take notes.. I mean, these clips are.. well, look -
I'm not sure if i'm proud..or just sadistically comforted by these sexual outbursts, but.. well - i must admit, Yehya Saadeh, Fadi Haddad, Leila Kanaan, Jad Choeiri and the etceteras are a pseudo-wild bunch that we might as well parade, in the quasi-sense of the work. I mean, making porn out of bad music, is commendable - and introducing sex to 0 yr olds in subjective displays of ... erotic megalomania is, well - Nido..


anoud said...


J said...

I'm ashamed to confess it, but...I was hooked on Melody Hits in High School :S Do you love me, doyou doyou? Lmao.

رأفت said...

i dont think its something to be ashamed of - i wasnt making fun of it, i think i was thinking about it in general :) so away J

Atef Friji said...

I honestly love melody hits. I grew up with melody channels and I was so upset when Melody Arabia was shut down.I think Melody Hits is one of the best channels ever and their sexuality is appreciated. Melody is not just a channel,it is a culture.