Monday, November 23, 2009

bedtime story

ill tell you mine
i was walking down the street this one day...and a hobo stops me
this hobo has a frend in their hobo car
they ask for ids

i show briefly
they ask for more
i furious

"where do you work" they ask
i tell them follow me
"but we dont want to climb a hill"

i furious
"u want me to hand over all my bags and papers and ids, but you wont climb a hill? SHOW ME SOME ID!!"

the hobo turns out to be nothing but the majestic QIWA AL AMN
to protect me, and lives like mine...AWWW

i open what he recognizes as LOBBTOBB and FOLIO
he feels secure
he doesnt apologize, and leaves

ide rather die with chinese bombs of soja-based reincarnated dragonfire than be protected by mother fucking pigeon fuckers - FUCK YOUR MENTAL CLITORII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

goodnite sweets

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