Monday, November 23, 2009

bedtime story

ill tell you mine
i was walking down the street this one day...and a hobo stops me
this hobo has a frend in their hobo car
they ask for ids

i show briefly
they ask for more
i furious

"where do you work" they ask
i tell them follow me
"but we dont want to climb a hill"

i furious
"u want me to hand over all my bags and papers and ids, but you wont climb a hill? SHOW ME SOME ID!!"

the hobo turns out to be nothing but the majestic QIWA AL AMN
to protect me, and lives like mine...AWWW

i open what he recognizes as LOBBTOBB and FOLIO
he feels secure
he doesnt apologize, and leaves

ide rather die with chinese bombs of soja-based reincarnated dragonfire than be protected by mother fucking pigeon fuckers - FUCK YOUR MENTAL CLITORII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

goodnite sweets

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Melody Hits

We must all bow to the majesties of hits and trash, for when Rotana was buying everything and everyone that lived, is alive or about to live in the music industry, Melody Hits ( was making la creme de la creme of what is now apparently Arab Pop Culture .. and if not making, well - paving the ground for an open forum - super free medium for their fetishism. I don't watch TV, I do not own one for that matter - but regardless... today, at my parents' we had Melody Hits on and oh-baby-baby-off-yalalalli

Melody Hits YouTube channel

I am not here to judge, but i must concur that this is one heck of a something. In this part of the world where individual needs are sort of...blurred, comes this household 'item' let's call it - that is accessible for free 24/7 ... that could easily make almodovar weep, bjork blush and britney take notes.. I mean, these clips are.. well, look -
I'm not sure if i'm proud..or just sadistically comforted by these sexual outbursts, but.. well - i must admit, Yehya Saadeh, Fadi Haddad, Leila Kanaan, Jad Choeiri and the etceteras are a pseudo-wild bunch that we might as well parade, in the quasi-sense of the work. I mean, making porn out of bad music, is commendable - and introducing sex to 0 yr olds in subjective displays of ... erotic megalomania is, well - Nido..

Friday, November 20, 2009

indy and the pen dance

3,3057,851.239669421487603305785124 USD is the pretentious selling price of every m2 of Lebanese land..if it would be put to auction, to bid off our interracial debt - still, we have Monday off ...for independence day - still, we must consume fuel of imported fossils, to boast planes we do not know how to maneuver .. (used) - to fight a so-called enemy ..that helped design the grandchildren of those planes.. we must, we seriously must parade our nonsense, or else, it wouldnt be so lebanese..would it?

the festivities would start with a collaboration with local radios, via exaggerated prime-times - excessive car-time, .. via traffic - upon a road-clot, orchestrated by men in costumes - l'army.

please, do not get me wrong - i love a good show, too bad i walk to work eyy? but what exactly are we partying for? our electric cut-offs? our political breakthroughs? our job opportunities? our god-rape? ..that everything we do just spills into a vicious black hole of no-fucking-thing, of a possible.. stagnance, a constant need to leave - an interminable guilt-trip, to nothing in particular - a boast that we can gather so and so heads per meter squared in empty spaces in our capital city center via chants of valhallan popcorn?

i dont get it, i think this makes me a bad citizen - a "bad..bad boy" - that is not allowed to pitch in the least attempted evolution of his nation . . well fuck it then - fuck being a patriot of a medium that only rejects my constant chivalry - fuck this construct, fuck songs that make us weep..because we only weep to imagery of things that aren't - fuck us - for taking this shit... wlek, gonna go to work on monday ..(choose your finger motherfuckers)

wawa ba7...(yemken)

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Your horoscope for November 14, 2009

Right now you could be thinking about your career, r. You might be wondering if you should change jobs. It's good to consider all options. Think about what you really want to be doing with your work. Are you using your creative talents at your current position? Are you mentally stimulated, or are you getting bored? You like to learn and to grow all of the time, and you need to have a career that allows you to do this.

Thursday, November 12, 2009 it wasn't a prologue.. my bad


-give me another word that rhymes with construction
-another word
-you do have a point, not one actually - more, a lot more. as always, i'll connect them - ill make lines, in vector masturbation(s), intersections i always tell you about - connections of lines i always draw
-lines you don't look at
-yes, yes - i know, destruction, i know - i told you, you are right ..for you had more than one point, points - as i connect you as i wish, construct you in ways i desire, a place - places

how i hate fullstops..


Wednesday, November 11, 2009 im planting olives in BCD

I am not particularly the volunteer-work buff, making the world a better place, for other people. But now, a little place behind my testicle just showed me the light. Yes, be surprised; I allow you. I have made it a habit to plant olives in the beirut central district, on my way to and/or from work everyday. There is this little shop that happens to make pseudo-yum labneh sandwiches that I impose on myself to fancy. This little shop is one of those who believe in holistic issues. He looks devout, very. He has very big ketchup bottles, and uses seeded olives in his sandwiches. At first, I was appalled, I viciously spat the seed on the 234 Tala Beige Jordanian Stone of Beirut Central District Sidewalk and cursed via his mother's clitoris... But later, around bite #2 or #3, I noticed my missed opportunities and their impotent trees. This place has no real food, bite this shit.. suckle this olive, spit seed into plantholder.
Why this is genius: they have people to take care of my seeds
ehm, Let's all do this, I love apples - so this project could start later. I am covering the Fouad Chehab > Testicle > Riad el Solh > Synagogue route in principle.

1. beware, orchestrate arm in such a way not to imply bomb inflictions, you'll die
2. act natural
3. enjoy your sandwich
4. work in task-oriented groups

Long Live Procreation

Sunday, November 1, 2009

so, i am producing a heart

and they tell me of ventricles. ok, ventricles. i have to have a right one and a left one, but all i seem to preoccupy myself with is a wrong one. i miss one, ventricle. i miss one. so i have to have a right one and a left one, i can try - as i suck up my inferiority ino a superior vena cava, that does not relate but to my stupid triscupid intermissions of projections of past beats, i cannot respire; i want to produce a heart, that feels nothing. aorta. pass the aorta, please. i am producing my heart, so do not interrupt. i weave. i weave. i weave. i weave.
it is pulmonary, too common, for me to allow blood in this new heart of mine. but i wont. because i will not make a scene when it bursts, for i know it might. so no blood. i weave. i weave. i weave. i weave the valve. i will not let you in, and you wont let me out, so i'll weave. i'll weave. i'll weave in that artery, i'll weave. i'll weave. i'll weave that vein.
in vain, i weave. i weave. i weave. i weave, until things become more clear, more obscene, more useless, more raw, more naked - already slit open, thank you - i place my produce - inside, as i weave. i weave. i weave. i weave it in, in front of me - still, i won't let you in, but you won't let me out, and my produce, made to be blind, silent mute, voluntary - involuntarily, it beats. it beats. it beats. it beats