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beirut jazz fest

WED. 07/10


Nicolas GIRAUD (Trumpet)
Toufic FARROUKH (Compostion / Saxophones)
Daniel ZIMMERMANN (Trombone)
Didier HAVET (Tuba)
Leandro ACONCHA (Piano)
Emmanuel HUMEAU (Ingé son)

Saxophone player and composer Toufic Farroukh has chosen jazz as his favourite idiom - a jazz bearing the colours of the Orient, reflecting his career as an artist with his roots in two cultures, and one who is open to all the different forms of artistic expression in contemporary society. Toufic began playing the saxophone at an early age; he studied music at the Ecole Normale Supérieure in Paris, and today he collaborates regularly as a composer with the department of modern dance at the Paris Conservatory (CNR).

Although resident in Paris, Toufic keeps a watchful eye on Lebanon’s cultural scene. He composed music for films and documentaries about his homeland, and appeared as a guest saxophonist on several albums by well-known local artists. His own musical output fully integrates the various influences at work in his life, creating in the process a unique and utterly authentic sound-world.


Walid Itayim (Guitar / Vocals)
Alain Ajouri (Guitar)
Munir Khauli (Bass Guitar)
Mazen Siblini (Keyboards)
Emile Bustany (Drums)
Jad Abi Haidar (Lead Vocals)

THU. 08/10


Walid Tawil (Drums)
Raffy Mandalian (Guitar)
Carlos Abou Chabke (Bass)
Tom Hornig (Saxophone)


Mark Fisher (Keyboards)
Mark Reilly (Lead Vocals)
Karl Van Den Bossche (Percussion)
Nick Cohen (Bass)
Tony Remy (Guitar)
Simon Finch (Trumpet & Flugel)
Andrew Robertson (Drums)
Andrew Ross (Sax & Flute)
Weston Foster (Background Vocals)
Hazel Sim (Background Vocals)
Alan Branch (Sound Engineer)

Formed by members of modern jazz ensemble Blue Rondo a la Turk in 1982, Matt Bianco evolved into one of England's top jazz-pop bands. “Get Out of Your Lazy Bed” and “Half a Minute” were massive hits in 1984, while Matt Bianco’s rendition of Georgie Fame's “Yeh Yeh” received a European music award as Best Single of 1985.

FRI 09/10


Hani Alayli (Band Leader / Guitar)
Elie Farah (Vocals / Harp / Guitar)
Abdo Sadek (Vocals / Keyboards)
Issa Ghorayeb (Saxophone)
Julio Eid (Bass)
Fouad Afra (Drums)


Ilene Barnes (Bass Guitar / Vocals)
Alvaro Bodenhofer (Guitar)
Jean Baptiste Ferre (Piano / keyboards)
Javier Estrella (Drums / Percussion)

Ilene Barnes was born in Detroit, USA, and spent her childhood in Surinam, Barbados and Jamaica. She began playing the guitar in Barbados before moving to Europe in the 1990s.

Ilene started touring in 2000 in support of her first album, Set You Free. Her 2nd album, Time, was released three years later, and highlights her intensely personal style, amidst reminiscences of Nina Simone, Joan Armatrading and Tracy Chapman.

Following the unprecedented success of Time, Ilene started touring extensively and became a regular fixture in major European festivals. She performed in more than 15 festivals in France alone, playing a total of 400 dates between 2003 and 2008.

SAT 10/10


Arthur Satyan (Keyboards)
Raffi Mandalian (Guitar / Percussion)
Abboud Saadi (Bass Guitar)
Fouad Afra (Drums)

Arthur Satyan was born in Yerevan, Armenia in a family of leading Armenian composers. His father introduced him to jazz and piano at the age of four. Upon winning first prize in the Composition Competition between local music schools, Arthur decided to turn pro, and joined the Komitas Armenian National Higher Conservatory of Music at the age of 20. He graduated in 1998, and over the next few years developed into Yerevan’s top piano man, working with several combos and big bands.

In 1996, Arthur was invited to Beirut for the opening of the biggest casino in the Middle East, Casino Du Liban. In 1998, he was appointed to the faculty of the Lebanese National Higher Conservatory of Music in Beirut, where he currently holds the title of Professor of Classical Piano and Dean of the Jazz Department.

Arthur has been performing and touring with his own Arthur Satyan Trio since 2002.


Karen Ananyan (Keyboards)
Manuk Ghazaryan (Keyboards)
Levon Puchinyan (Trumpet)
Artur Grigoryan (Saxophone)
Hasmik Martirosyan (Saxophone)
Alina Hakobyan (Flute)
Vahram Davtyan (Trombone)
Gagik Malkhasyan (Duduk)
Hakob Ordakyan (Drums)
Hayk Shakhkyan (Dhol)
Narine Nikoghosyan (Violin)
Nune Vardanyan (Violin)
Hamlet Shaghoyan (Guitar)
Artur Nazaryan (Bass Guitar)

The KOHARAPAYL Ensemble began as KOHAR Trio eleven years ago, and is currently comprised of 13 artists whose musical performances and talent are distinguished in their respective genres.

KOHARAPAYL's young musicians have endeavored to showcase Armenia’s national and folk music, meticulously adhering to its roots, and infusing it with modern arrangements. The band’s latest CD, Avant-Jazz, integrates jazz rhythms in the mix, and provides a new vigor to Armenian popular songs.

SUN. 11/10


Randa Ghossoub (Vocals)
Tarek Yamani (Piano)
Miles Jay (Double Bass)
Samer Zaghir (Drums)
Jeremy Chapman (Saxophone)

Lebanese singer Randa immersed herself in the Jazz genre from an early age. Born in Lebanon, she is today the result of a genuinely multicultural background, having spent time in Africa, France, the United Kingdom and residing lately in Montreal, Canada.

Randa’s proper career as a singer started when she travelled to Miami in 2002, and recorded her first album, Pillow Talk. The album’s success sent her touring in various locations across the planet. Her singing itinerary is paved with remarkable meetings, including such great musicians as Ziad Rahbani, Jesse Jones Jr., Charlie Biddle, Arturo Sandoval, Ingram Washington, Chuck Mangione, Zeb Billings, Jimmy Dale, Jack Gregg, Steve Philips, and Cuban band Asere.


Freddy Cole (Piano / Vocals)
Curtis Boyd (Drums)
Randell Napoleon (Guitar)
Elias Bailey (Bass)

Freddy Cole's illustrious career has seen him move into the front ranks of America's homegrown art form, with a style and musical sophistication all his own.

Born in 1931, Lionel Frederick Cole is the youngest brother of famous vocalist Nat ‘King’ Cole. He started playing piano at the age of five, and was already playing and singing in Chicago clubs as a teenager.

Moving to New York in 1951, he studied at the Juilliard School of Music; obtained a Master's degree at the New England Conservatory of Music, and spent several months on the road as a member of a band that also included Johnny Coles and Benny Golson. Freddy’s first single, “The Joke's on me”, was released in 1952 on a Chicago-based label.

Cole currently leads a trio that includes guitarist Randy Napoleon, drummer Curtis Boyd and bassist Elias Bailey; it regularly tours the US, Europe, the Far East and South America.



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