Wednesday, September 9, 2009

when did we stop?

i think its not enough to pick up with the creative scene, we should pick up where we stopped

where did we stop?
me: a long long time ago
me: i think we stopped at different points in different modes of production, in music - we stopped when we stopped jumping and crying for a like of oum kolthoum - we stopped when we ddnt bow to an oudist -
when we stopped flirting in obscure poetry, when we stopped getting erections to tales of inescapable obsessions
we stopped with colored tv, we stopped with not loving crooked noses and big eyes - we stopped...when dancers became models and older women less disireable
in painting, we stopped when we thought abstract is ink blots - when realism became the depiction of kings
in sexuality, we stopped with islam - we stopped when we convinced ourselves of limits, that less is more
in science, we stopped with the invention of the pill
i stopped when i felt more comfortable to play with english
- felt uncomfortable to suckle arabic grammar -
we stopped when bentwood chairs became art objects, not seats - when we only drink jelleb in ramadan
we stopped,
we just stopped, stopped and leached


amanibd said...

<3 we hopefully paused

raafatmcm said...

wishful thinking
we stopped - let's just start again, u know - ino, continue..paused..paused is like saying martyr..not casualty..