Monday, September 14, 2009

don't cry, its not worth it

it is not worth it, first of all, habibte - it is not, because it is not. it does not have a shadow, per se, your love has no shadow, habibte - do not cry, your cries, little shades of darker places on your white skin, when you cry, these tears, are worth more - may they evaporate...for they must not touch the floor.

get away from the window, it is not safe

let me tell you of a tale, not very far away - not very long ago, once upon the latter, habibte - they all lost their shadows. they told me, once - that adam and eve, stole two apples not one - that god has one eye...defected, that eve enjoyed eating apples, and adam - counterfecal

they all lost their shadows, when demons were made, or when god was made, angel plucks of collected glue, habibte - im telling you, we love pieces of us, reflections of what we lack - in people

you are not in love with him, but his posture, it reflects you - and you look at yourself naked, you think he sees you naked, but he owns not a shadow, your nudity owns not one either - for your eyes only can see definicies in

i know you prefer ginger tea, but coffee - is black enough, black enough for you to see the difference between yourself, and ceramic trees..

did you, last night for...