Tuesday, August 4, 2009


it is no longer acceptable to be asked about the mediocrity of the world, when contribution to the social extravaganza must comply to a mainstream channel. i tend to sound pretentious preaching the masses in electronic pulses that probably reach no one, but it should be noted - that people have complexes and this is one of mine - thanks for using VISA, and good evening.

anyways .. i talk about myself and definitely other selves including mine, in vicious circles of attempted communication that doesn't get through because of a fear of market disapproval - okay, i lied, i am only talking about the selves that belong to me - i like them. today i was caramelfully scorned that what i do does not go under a type, category - which obviously made me jizz in my pants - but the problem is that anything that is not something is nothing - are we following?
for those of of you who are not, please enjoy this

what ever happened to spit? zeit zaytoun el koura and other ..besides the point
anyways - i have still not come to terms with them, you - i am not interested in providing a handbook for whatever i decide to show of myself - i thought the point of a conversation is the brink of letting go - to catch or fall . . i will not lubricate myself for your ease of excitement - this is not here for your comfort - we are here to play, so on your marks already..

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