Tuesday, August 18, 2009

methode rose

this, here, is brief - but in my head it's not - let us stop pretending palestine is palestine - i think we should call it israel. if palestine is already palestine, there would be no reason to fight for it, no?

a little blond girl ate dough nuts, this blond girl became fat, this blond girl lived at her parents house, they told her she was gorgeous. this little blond girl went to school, everyone told her she was fat. this little blond girl looked in the mirror, she did not like it. this little blond girl did not like, more than she did not like her reflection, that her mother never told her about mirrors. this blond girl stopped eating dough nuts, she became thin. this blond girl got laid, she felt good. in wikipedia, they told her that she felt good because of the stimulation of her clitoris [functions solely to induce sexual pleasure], being the horny blond girl that she was, she found out, also through wikipedia, that [Sexual pleasure is the pleasure a person derives from any kind of sexual activity, most commonly through orgasm. The most common pleasurable sexual activities are masturbation and sexual intercourse (including foreplay). Some people derive sexual pleasure from fetishism and/or BDSM.]


i have an extra mirror, many people do - you do not need three in your purse, mme...i call for the construction of a big big one, mirror that is - around israel, so that palestine sees itself - i will discuss more later...

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